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FlowBoard Knight Rider LED's

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:46 pm
by admin
In this example we show the use of Buses in a simple Knight Rider type LED array sent to the FlowBoard DAQ LED Board.

An up/down counter is fed from a 100 Hz Tick, which is divided down using a slider to set the speed.

The output from the counter is decoded into individual bits and then added to a 8ch bus. The individual bus channels are then extracted at each graphical LED and also sent to the FlowBoard DAQ for the real LED's.

There is also a persistence knob that controls the pulse width simulation the true Knight Rider Effect!

Also note the use of Synchronized modules (using Paste Synchronized) for the LEDS and the Persistence pulse modules. This means that if you edit any of the Synchronized modules they all get the same changes, which is a great help if they all need to be the same.