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LynxMotion BRAT Sequence Player

PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:14 pm
by admin
In this example multiple Robot Sequences made in the previous LynxMotion BRAT Trainer example can be loaded and executed!

1st Select for correct COM port for you Robot
2nd Click on 'Load1' to load your first sequence.
3rd Press 'Play1' to see your sequence in action!
4th load some other sequences into the other slots
5th You can now control your robot by choosing which sequence to play!

Slot1 - Stand upright
Slot2- Walk
Slot3 - Turn Left
Slot4 - Turn Right

Future developments:
Why not expand this program to deal with more sequences and link them to buttons on the Wii Remote! You could even use the wii rotation accelerometers to speed up or slow down your robot sequencers!