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Selector and visibility

For general discussion related FlowStone

Selector and visibility

Postby Tepeix » Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:22 pm

A very specific question. I'm sure this could be easily done in Ruby, but i don't want to use it and prefer to stay with the module prim.

Normally, it's easy to make a graphic, control, or anything invisible using a selector and a redraw to bypass the V-iew.

But here's the annoying thing i'm hurting more and more, not something that make the plugin unusable but less pro.

Using a selector or a slider, something that use the Drag feature, they are some moment where the redraw doesn't happen and there's no invisibility even if the value said to. If the user keep pressing, if the mouse doesn't move enough, ... (the only way to make it redraw in this case is to click somewhere else out of the selector)

Have you some special technique to avoid this ?
(I maybe have one, it's strangely to take your V-iew out from the selector and to use it to feed the MGU of the second module, but it's not so much practical and when there's a lot of module in different place i'm not sure it will work well)

Thanks for any idea !)
Selector and visibility.fsm
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Re: Selector and visibility

Postby Spogg » Mon Jan 23, 2023 8:56 am

Here’s my solution which I think does what you wanted. You’ll see that I moved the redraw prim so the bitmap view is redrawn when the View signal goes away. ... 0.fsm?dl=0
(Attachemant quota has been reached for the forum at the moment so it's on Dropbox)

Also if you only need on/off for a specific circumstance it’s best to test just for that, otherwise every mouse move will generate many redraw triggers which aren’t needed but tax the CPU more than necessary. So I used a Greater than prim and a Change prim to limit the redrawing to only when the condition changes.
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Re: Selector and visibility

Postby Tepeix » Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:46 pm

Wow Very impressive ! Very very thanks !!)

Don't know why, i try a lot of thinks but i never get the idea to use the redraw before all the others elements which fix the problem !)

It will greatly help and faster me !
I was trying to use the other way consisting to feed the second MGU with the V-iew of the first one.
But that's a complex way needing a lot of cable and to resize some of the control so that they have the space where the other's element could appear..
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Re: Selector and visibility

Postby Tepeix » Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:56 pm

That's where i begin to really love the Bus feature that i always neglected !

When having a lot of different control that will be selected in a window, it's possible to use the int selector so each of them as a different preset name and Bus name.

Then it's easy to copy paste a lot of control and to get the result in only one bus.

Maybe not news for most of you but i really enjoy how it could make thinks fast and the naming versatility ;)
Selector and visibility and Bus.fsm
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