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Phidget VINT Hub w/ thermocouple & wheatstone bridge

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Phidget VINT Hub w/ thermocouple & wheatstone bridge

Postby DuraKile » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:35 pm

I got a couple of Phidgets; the VINT hub, along with the 4X thermocouple and wheatstone bridge phidgets.

I'm looking to hook these up and take some data using Flowstone.
I downloaded the phidget21.dll driver.

However, I cannot find the hub, thermocouple, or wheatstone bridge schematic in Flowstone.

Is there an add-on for all the phidget modules I'm missing?
What should I be doing to correctly install/find these items with Flowstone?
I am brand new to Flowstone (and phidget), so any help would be appreciated.

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