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Something I've noticed that's sobering

For general discussion related FlowStone

Something I've noticed that's sobering

Postby » Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:30 pm

I think it should be said, that for those very serious about making something commercial; it's hard to make this product keep up with C+ applications.

And a developer, a programmer has to do what they can to find the workarounds to make something work faster. I've experienced a lot of friction lately, like for instance I'd mentioned de-zippers and issues I'd experienced with those.

And someone said something and it could be done a different way, a faster way - and I responded with a schematic showing how it really is; that if you try to do that a certain way it creates bugs. So, without question it causes bugs to do it the way that I'd mentioned.

And this is from an individual who has at times "called Me out", which I really don't mind so much. But it's the overall mood of it.

And then you have major developers who have'nt kept up with the most recent standards, and I've made that possible for people using flowstone:

In this post I provide a way of testing for LU in a way that beats most manufacturers with flowstone. I'm helping to make flowstone a product that's as fast as any other and I'm working hard to make it a realistic option that people should find commercially feasible. Like this equalizer that I'm making and I provide free:

And meanwhile the one provided with this product doesn't even work.

So, lately I've been getting a lot of friction and the way people have gone about it has been somewhat hostile. Throughout these instances I've kept My calm and explained what I needed to explain and said what had seemed appropriate. But what I see is to much fake-ness. People say they have tested and they haven't. People will get hostile about something saying they know when they really don't.

If anything I should be a moderator because I'm keeping My cool; and I'll probably visit less because My experience here is becoming less and less enjoyable. And I just don't care, it's not like I really need to win any arguments, I like to make a product that works better than others and I use flowstone. If I'm not a moderator and not able to fend off this nonsense in My usual calm way and then to lock the post, well then I'm just going to avoid it.

I feel I should be a mod so I can mute people acting like this. If you want Me around more, you'll say nice things; otherwise I'll just say less and probably do more without sharing. And then you lose out.

That's all I have to say.
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Re: Something I've noticed that's sobering

Postby adamszabo » Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:36 am wrote:And someone said something and it could be done a different way, a faster way - and I responded with a schematic showing how it really is; that if you try to do that a certain way it creates bugs. So, without question it causes bugs to do it the way that I'd mentioned.

The problem here I think is that you seem to sound too smart for your own good, and I am trying to help and saying this as a constructive advice. I demonstrated this in your other de-zip thread. You couldnt get some de-zip things to work the way you wanted. You got some bugs and crashes, and instead of asking for help here, you assumed that your knowledge about dezips and packs is 100% complete, and there is nothing else to learn about packing signals, and it still doesnt work, so the only conclusion is that FlowStone must be buggy. The truth is that from your posts I can see there is a LOT of things you still dont know about Flowstone and there is still room for learning.
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Re: Something I've noticed that's sobering

Postby Jay » Tue Jun 23, 2020 2:58 am

You want to be a mod to shut people down when you dont like their opinions and don't like being told you are wrong eh! DSPRobotics would need to be full on retarded to ever allow that to happen.

Oh and btw, There is no need to announce your departure! this isnt a fucking airport! :evil:
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Re: Something I've noticed that's sobering

Postby trogluddite » Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:52 am

I locked the other thread and advised that you not start another one precisely because all of your recent threads have been attracting the kind of "friction" about which you seem to be complaining. I thought it might be less embarrassing for all concerned, and less likely to lead to flaming, if I dealt with things with a bit of humour (I accept, with hindsight, maybe a little misguided) and discussed things with you in private, with Spogg's input if you so wished.

Since you ignored that advice and have decided to start another thread anyway, I can only assume that you prefer to discuss this in full public view - so be it, I have nothing to hide, and I am perfectly happy to resign as a moderator for revealing my personal opinion that I think you're a pain in the arse.

This is a site where people look for technical advice and tutorials. It is important that this advice is technically correct and clearly explained. It does not benefit from being spammed with nonsensical pseudo-magical theorising or marketing bumf for unfinished "commercial" projects. You are not being treated any differently than anyone else would be - if you are criticised more than other members, it is simply because you need correcting more than other members. That is not an insult, it is just a statement of fact. We don't generally censor personal opinions, but you don't get to spread falsifiable technical statements or misleading schematics.

It is not "friction" that you are experiencing, it is "ridicule". The massive gulf between your own opinion of yourself and the capabilities which you actually demonstrate makes people want to laugh at you. Your constant boasting does not impress people. On the contrary, you so rarely live up to your boasts that people find it funny to satirise them. That is also not an insult, it is a statement of fact.

My friendly advice to you is to start listening, and start showing a little more appreciation and gratitude for the advice which people offer you in good faith. When you assert that you are God's gift to programming, and far too clever to have to listen to us shmucks, you are being insulting - that is a passive-aggressive ad-hominem attack, regardless of whether or not you "lose your cool".

You have thus far been treated very leniently (and you might be surprised how much I have stuck up for you behind the scenes). But, quite simply, you have exhausted people's patience, including mine.

We do not know why you behave the way that you do, nor why you cannot see what is so obvious to everyone else - it is not our business to know what goes on inside your head. But your behavour is not acceptable here; your arrogance and hubris are direspectful to other members, and the signal-to-noise ratio of your posts is so poor that you are effectively just wasting space on the server much of the time.

You have accused me of censoring you. Yes, that's exactly what it is, and if you don't like it, that's just tough luck. Where your nonsensical claims can easily be debunked, the correction will be edited in and the thread will be locked - there is no point in labouring the arguments, since your proposals are often so outlandish that they're just distracting line noise. "Marketing" posts in which you do nothing but plug your unfinished work will simply be deleted, as will gratuitous screenshots. In the long run, you will receive less "friction" this way, as it will deny you the opportunity to make such a fool of yourself.

Lastly - if you are right about people's negative feelings towards you, then they have no reason not to call your bluff. Either restrict yourself to useful contributions or leave, it is up to you.

That is the last word on the subject - thread locked. Any attempt to continue discussing the content of this thread will be deleted immediately without further warning.
All schematics/modules I post are free for all to use - but a credit is always polite!
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