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Newbie , construction help

For general discussion related FlowStone

Newbie , construction help

Postby Pedro martins » Wed Jun 30, 2021 12:54 am

Good everyone, I'm new to the channel and I recently adapted the software, so I can make some audio tools I need for my work.
but due to my little experience in building models, I'm combining the tools to analyze, so I have some difficulties in doing what I want, for now I managed to reach this stage.
spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope analyzer, with selection up to 32 in and 32 out (where I wanted 48 in and 48 out) my card makes this way but in the softwere I can't do it anymore. so the help issues was as follows.
1- It is possible to create a spectrum analyzer, where when selecting a region it can show written which is the frequency of that region.
2-in the oscilloscope, you can change it to scan and put a table of ms and also with the function of selection and indication of ms.
3- it was possible to increase the input and output channels from 32 to 48. Thanks for your attention, I leave a picture of what I'm doing and I can also leave the project if you need to analyze
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Pedro martins
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Re: Newbie , construction help

Postby tulamide » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:19 pm


all of it would require a serious amount of programming, that I'm not able to provide. But I can at least answer your questions, although it won't help you.

1) Yes, with the help of Ruby.
2) Yes, once again, by using Ruby.
3) As far as I know (maybe some other experienced Flowstoner can confirm or disprove it), Flowstone supports a maximum of 32 voice polyphony, and therefore might be restricted to 32 audio outs as well. In general though, it should support whatever the selected audio in/out driver supports.

1) and 2) are not easy to realize. Even an experienced Ruby programmer might need weeks for it.
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