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Timer Bug

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Re: Timer Bug

Postby HughBanton » Tue Aug 10, 2021 9:49 am

In this instance, in the line "levelOut = 0 + (levelIn > threshold & 1);", you don't need the '0'.

Declared streamins, streamouts and floats are all treated as variables, and are initialised to 0 unless you specify otherwise, as you have done here with "float _F_1=1".

In ASM watch out that you don't send a previously uninitialised xmm register to a streamout. It's OK here because of "movaps xmm0,levelIn;", which ensures that xmm0 always gets a value, 0 or otherise, before the cmmps comparison.


streamin levelIn; //<------ DSP code
streamin threshold;
streamout levelOut;
levelOut = levelIn > threshold & 1;

streamin levelIn, threshold; //<------ ASM converted
streamout levelOut;
float _F_1=1;
movaps xmm0,levelIn;
cmpps xmm0,threshold,6;
andps xmm0,_F_1;
movaps levelOut,xmm0;

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