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Simple Arp

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Re: Simple Arp

Postby kortezzzz » Mon May 24, 2021 12:01 pm

josevo wrote:I'm expecting that if the comparison regresses to step==8 while it is surpassed (when playing 16 steps), the counter doesn't reach the value and keeps growing forever.

Try this:
Code: Select all
if (@step >= @a)

instead of
Code: Select all
if (@step == @a)

That's why I don't like using == for stopping or resetting counters; although it's good for explaining concepts.

Fantastic, Josevo. Thank you :) Now everything works correctly. This notes amount per arpeggio is a brilliant feature which I recommend you adding into your editable arp as well. Wish you luck with your setup and let us know about any new progress.

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Re: Simple Arp

Postby User » Wed Jun 30, 2021 6:35 am

Here is a modified version that works inside FlowStone but doesn't work inside FL Studio. Any ideas why ?
Simple Arp8Demo5 Mod01 (recovered).fsm
This version crashed and got recovered. It's not clear if it works.
(198.17 KiB) Downloaded 149 times
Simple Arp8Demo5 Mod01.fsm
This one works with FS 306 but not when exported to DAW.
(421.35 KiB) Downloaded 148 times
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