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The Quilcom SIM-DUNGCHEN: Call to prayer?

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The Quilcom SIM-DUNGCHEN: Call to prayer?

Postby Spogg » Mon Apr 04, 2022 11:51 am

Hello fellow FlowStone addicts!

While searching Alphorns I came across the Dungchen (Tibetan long-horn or trumpet) which has some similarities and many differences. Then a guy on Facebook told me he would like me to have a go at one. So I did!

Here’s the zip which contains all the usual stuff: ...

and here’s my video:

The sound and the way the instrument is traditionally played by Buddhist monks is all based on various YouTube videos and may not be what you might expect!

Have a blast!
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Re: The Quilcom SIM-DUNGCHEN: Call to prayer?

Postby Tepeix » Sat Apr 09, 2022 3:54 pm

Very cool as always, thanks to share !)

I made some little optimizations on the Sim Alp reverb delay module.
But some hidden options are lost..
(damping removed for 4 reverb as it was not used,..)

Also i'm not 100% sure if one of the modification is safe, what do think the experts ??

All the reverb modules get an external index int variable. This way the index is calculated once for all.

I suppose that the code would always treat it as an int ?
(The int input is moved to eax, then used to write the mem.
Then it is paddd with delay.. There's no conversion in the code but it receive an int from another)
Do you think that some compilator could interpret this int input as a float and try to write the mem in a bad way ??
I suppose not but could not be 100% sure..

Not sure it change a lot as a vst, i get 2% less cpu on Flowstone.
Quilcom SIM-ALPHORN v1.003 modT2.fsm
(v2 forget some zip for pan)
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Re: The Quilcom SIM-DUNGCHEN: Call to prayer?

Postby billv » Mon Apr 11, 2022 12:17 am

Great stuff Spogg...Nice "growl" on the horn...getting closer to a saxophone... :)
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