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Question: Standardized Knob / Slider Controls

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:56 pm
So; After looking around on the KVR Forums I realized that Synthmaker / Flowstone does not have the best reputation.

And after testing the product I have to admit I think that it is one of the better in DSP's and bar synthedit being a second I cannot falter its efficiency and reliability.

I bought the Bluecat's plug'n script as well; While good it has a plastic sound. I like the sound though (volume on it seems raw... dangerous almost) but Flowstone is cool.

So towards it having a better Rep; I wanted to start a question and conversation regarding standards. And those standards regarding knobs are as follows:

- Double click to default
- right click to type in value
- ctrl to control speed / coarse - fine
- 2 / 3 decimals.

It seems a small thing but I have to question why that Flowstone is getting such negative reviews. For instance I notice that VarietyofSound's plugins are extremely reliable and yet there is still this beef.

So why can we not start posting standardized items?

For instance I notice Digitonix was the only one who had a slider with dbl click default and I looked at how He did it.
I was working on a horizontal slider and wanted to do the same, so I did this:

and here is the example of the reset module I'd found (not mine , but very useful). BTW within default I removed Left click and ctrl and then selected left double click + a 200 ms tick delay so as to avoid retriggering.

This would make products made by Us more like waves. I'm fond of the idea and I believe We can compete.

Re: Question: Standardized Knob / Slider Controls

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:25 pm
OK, OK, maybe like Waves defaulted with double click lol. Right click default & Ctrl to control coarse/fine.

So, there is Pali64 Who added an example for a touch screen:

And I thought it would be cool to make a package that can be easily used on any knob. But I thought why not also add a grayed out modal window?

It could be achieved with four rectangles with transparency:

So; then something like this would appear if You double click:

And (if Pali64's agreeable to us using His):

I'll figure this out, make it and add it to the use examples. If Pali64 is not OK with using His input schema I suppose I could make one.

Re: Question: Standardized Knob / Slider Controls

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:23 pm
by Nubeat7
everything is possible in FS you just need to do it...
here you can find some useful tools like tooltips when hover over knobs, editable readouts or multifunctional sliders..

Re: Question: Standardized Knob / Slider Controls

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:36 pm
Thanks Nubeat, I like Your stuff a lot. :)

I sometimes use it, admittedly though; I've been rushing projects and You're in My "private stock" of plugins I use for mixing. I'll try to add some of Your stuff; But You make intense coding when often I'm in a rush.

By the way; I think Your scroll BG thing is the future of VST; Especially if it was possible to zoom.
People could do more with less area and navigate to what they wanted to view.