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Tip: Avoiding odd Overhead, Plugin Preset Order

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Tip: Avoiding odd Overhead, Plugin Preset Order

Postby » Tue Oct 16, 2018 2:03 pm

OK, so I thought I would post a very simple tip.

I thought from the get go that I would post a few tips (which are not code examples, sorry. Maybe I can make them code examples soon)
but from then on I would just ask questions and help here and there.

But there are some strange behaviors of Synthmaker / Flowstone which are worth knowing.

One: Odd Overhead

So, after some tweaking the product I realized (I had been using the FL studio port) that there was mention of already deleted knobs and items saved within the schematic somewhere.

If You do not want that to occur; Simply go to the parent module -> add to toolbox and then replace the whole thing with the version from the toolbox and that will take care of that small problem (which is still a bit of a mystery).

Preset Order

I would always suggest to a developer to use the FL Studio port in tandem with the main product. It allows You to see various reactions to
code which You might not otherwise see. The only exception to this is adding mousewheel support (which BTW I perfected, I will add the code later for that. For those interested in detecting both up AND down scroll states make sure to subtract by -1 for the pos or neg state [can't remember]).

So, it is not a super hard thing; You open a slider or knob module and find the preset module from within the parent. You can cut that module out later and then re-attach the automation boolean (which is the goal - "automation").

So, with that in mind go to the main flowstone product; Open Your .osm or .fsm and export as VST. Next, open the vst in FL studio
press M on Your keyboard and left click the uppermost left arrow on the VST wrapper window holding Your vst (image below)
arrow.jpg (13.5 KiB) Viewed 6172 times

so when You do that (make sure the browser window is open) it will show You an image of your VST, press that image and then it will give You the real list of plugin preset id's.
write all of these down and their number. Next rip out all of those preset modules and place them in the sub parent. Label them by number and then choose what actual preset names You wish them to have. Then just Paste them back and it's usually spot on.
I realize that's a real pain; But it's a professional result.

So, with that said I'll see You all on the forums and bar the post that I'll write about mouse wheel support; I think You will be doing well.
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