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Re: Lookahead limiter

PostPosted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:43 pm
by nmakinen
KG_is_back wrote:Yes, it can be modified to calculate min, max and sum (average=sum/bufferSize).

Nice! So if you calculate the average of the buffer after "max from buffer" twice with half the window size, you should end up with a very smooth, accurate and cpu-efficient lookahead curve, as far as I'm concerned.

KG_is_back wrote:At the moment, the algorithm is implemented in a way, that buffer-size is fixed (determined at the first sample). To change toe buffer-size you need to reset the stream (with clear-audio prim) which clears all the buffers and data is lost in the process. I can modify the algorithm to have adjustable buffer-size on the fly, but it will be slightly less efficient. Originally I thought this fixed-size would not be an issue.

Oh, I didn't realize this. So it's really not a bug then, my bad!

In some cases you might want to change the buffer size on the fly without the glitches you get from the clear audio prim (e.g. automation), but generally speaking this is just a cosmetic thing, so clear audio does the trick just fine. Thanks!