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Guys, please help me get some more free Gb of cloud storage

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Re: Guys, please help me get some more free Gb of cloud stor

Postby MegaHurtz » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:56 pm

I think you could use Kickstarter indeed.
Maybe start like a mailbox firm in the US, they do it here all the time for tax evasion reasons.
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Re: Guys, please help me get some more free Gb of cloud stor

Postby tester » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:42 pm

Tzarls wrote:My programming skills are ok I think... I´ve used c++ for a couple of years and managed to build my Genera prototype for 2 platforms already (still have to complete the port to Mac). BTW, I´m located in South Amércia (Perú) but I use $$$ because I gues its´ more understandable. About the product being easy to sell.... since my product also has a Raspberry Pi Linux port, and I´ve seen other (similar but not quite) projects like mine being funded for that platform, I guess I could use that version for funding the project. The problem is I can´t use something like Kickstarter from here.

What Myko´s CV are you talking about? CV like in "Curriculum VItae"?

Some folks tell me here, that maybe indiegogo could be good instead of kickstarter (we don't have it here too):

As for MyCo:

You could be involved in selling also different products than your own. This is what affiliate programs do. If people sell their own products (thus - know how to sell it, and to that marketing stuff), then often they sell also products of others (it widens the offer).

As for your project, I tell you something a friend of mine told me. He said that I created a great product(s), something unique and innovative. But in terms of market needs - it would be difficult to find customers for it, because few people do what I do. I agree with him. So - it's possible that your project, although it will be great as it is - may not find enough customers to earn money for the time you spend on it. So all depends on what your recon tells you. It's possible that you may need other resources in order to have time to create finalize your project to a stage at which you can sell it as complete, bug free, easy to use with good performance. And also - maybe - the work you in your project - will help you to port some ideas somewhere else.

Now - I noticed that there is one important factor to consider. There are two approaches of getting connected. Strong web presence and associates you have from the past (i.e. outside your web presence). If your product can't be trendy enough in a viral way - you may need to have friends/connections outside the net. This is how this works.

I would also try to find people and companies, and show them what you did so far (and what you look for - a seller? coworker?), or ask them if they have a job for a person with your skills, or better - point bugs and ideas related to their products and tell them what you would do better/different and why (this gives them reference on what sort of potential you represent; if they are pro - they may get back to you; remember, that people in different Countries have different mentalities - find out what it means in practice) - but be kind, specific and don't write too long letters :-). Search for balanced, professional websites with average to high priced products and (working) online webstores - such folks have connections, they don't need to build strong web presence on first place (no "screaming websites").

Hope this helps a little bit.
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