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it's a cage !

For anything not directly related to FlowStone

it's a cage !

Postby Urnsoft » Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:23 am

... (if you dont have time jump to 8:47)

64bit ? ,AU ? ,VST3 ? ,or any other features that we frequently requested ? :lol:
Ghost section :Home automation- machine control -Robotic :lol:
Unstable VST export ,not solid as SM version :lol:
2014....32 bit :lol:
Unstable Ruby
Super slow GUI and redraw
Inaccurate clock & timing(windows) for sound :lol:
and ...

I think :

1.they earn most of their money from the big brother companies (Steinberg,Image-Line,NI,Uhe,...) to not to put (64-VST3-AU)export features ,because it affects their sales .
2.they don't have enough money to pay for 64-VST3-AU license .
3.they don't even have the money to hire programmers (they are broke....RIP) .

I really liked that software ,but this one is more like a (wait until when) cage
I want to be FREE
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Re: it's a cage !

Postby chackl » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:41 pm

What should this going to be like if it is finished her???? :shock:
Or are you jocking???

"64bit ? ,AU ? ,VST3 ? ,or any other features that we frequently requested ?"
Well i did some c++ programmings in the past - and realy - do you think this would be only one simple extra button to export an flowstone exe in 64bit in Visual Studio??? Guess what....

"Ghost section :Home automation- machine control -Robotic"
The problem is here: The marked loads too much!! - Windows did no standart Protokoll here so you end up with loads of laggy documented chipboards - ans such tiny chipboard do not tell you if you sent anything wrong....
And most robotics industies make thier busines with "Data Interfaces" so they never will like to have any open programm here that would make it too simple ....

"Unstable VST export ,not solid as SM version"
Well it seems that some SDK parts of 2.4 do not be compartible eaven to cubase it self... i got hundets of little errors here... the trick is to find a way that will work ;) - Sorry but this is eaven in VirtualDJ-Plugins - Try - Error Try - Error - realy, there is no better way i fear :/

"2014....32 bit"
I'm working about 50 hours a week on a PC and use it comercial.... and guess what? the only 64bit programm i'm using is the Microsoft Internet explorer
All leading Programms i run here all use the 32bit layout - well they offer 64bit like autocad - but i do not use it because i have app for it that only run on 32bit - Office 2013 - Same her ;)
So 64bit windows is OK but 64bit app only do troubles at me.

"Unstable Ruby"
I got a design of a DMX-Core-Engine that carries loads ob ruby objects and class-in-class structures.... And the only crash i had here was if i was too stupid to write a working code....

"Super slow GUI and redraw"
Try Ruby GUI - It seems to be faster than the old VB6.0 print to form....

"Inaccurate clock & timing(windows) for sound"
If you ever had programmed a c++ plugin in Visual Studio you may understand the problems WHY the timing is inaccurate

For me FlowStone is the MOST important thing on a PC!!!!

Sorry for my hard words here, but i do not like such posts that only reference to any thing. For the most problems that i had since 2007 i got a solution. You just may think harder of that to find one. And also here - Try and Error.

Maybe you could think about that,

Kind Regards, C.Hackl
100% accuracy is the guarantee to your success. The value alters if you combine it with musical creativity.
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Re: it's a cage !

Postby Nubeat7 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:53 am

Urnsoft wrote:2.they don't have enough money to pay for 64-VST3-AU license .

:lol: it is a free license! just make an developer account @steinberg and download the sdk, download some free ide like code::blocks and you can start to develope your own great vsts, hosts or development envirements for 32,64,pc,mac... without spending one cent for it.

also there are loads of libraries which provides you some really comfortable help like iplug, juce, vinie falco`s dsp filters.... all for free too, great or?

so, the door of your cage was open wide all the time and your freedom is bigger as you thought! ;)

chackl wrote:And the only crash i had here was if i was too stupid to write a working code....

which is in 98% the case not only relating to ruby :lol:
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