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Re: philosophy

Postby KG_is_back » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:09 pm

My personal altitude toward this give&receive thing. Whenever I post something publicly online I do it to share ideas and/or ask for advice. I do not expect gratitude nor to get any advice (unless I address people directly = usually privately). Not so long time ago there were some complains about "people downloading schematics and not even leaving thanks"... Well, I sometimes download a schematic just to have a look, even if I'm not interested in the topic and don't intend to use it (like the "Lissajou art" or "(RUBY) Advanced Color Management"). Sometimes the quick look into the stuff gives me inspiration or ignites my interest and sometimes... well doesn't...
Should I leave a "thanks" even if I don't really intend to use it nor have anything to contribute?
I personally consider such posting bordering with "spam" (what I mean, sometimes it's a little annoying to scroll though a wall of "oh, thanks so much you are awesome, just what I was looking for!" just to get to next relevant post, that actually discusses the topic). The way I feel about forums is, that topics and posts should carry some relevant informative value and contribute to the knowledge or goal of the topic. I personally feel a little guilty of spamming when I post just "thanks!"

And to make things clear, I didn't meant to offence anyone! BobF, tulamide and all others, don't measure value of your work by my (or any other individual's) interest in it, nor blame others for little bit of laziness ;-) I understand your anger(? dunno if it's the best word to describe it), I just don't share it... New people are often shy to join discussion (perhaps they don't consider themselves experienced enough? at least that was my case in the very beginning), which effectively leaves them out of the flowstone community.

So, to the actual topic... Unfortunately I have to side with what tester said:
tester wrote:Like Trog once said - there are times of rather less activity and there are times of rather high activity.

As for brainstorming - it requires goals (directions). Right now, general market of ideas seems to be somewhere in between. Many things are evolving, but are not yet that popular.

It's hard to pull new and unique ideas out of thin air. You either need a spark of inspiration (a concrete idea you can build upon) or a goal. From experience "Let's do something!" usually ends in a bar and "Led's do something new!" ends in bar you've never been in before...
@BobF, don't get disappointed with people being a little bit lazy - it partially a reason why they choose Flowstone and why Flowstone exists in a first place.
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Re: philosophy

Postby tester » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:06 pm

KG_is_back wrote:"Let's do something!" usually ends in a bar and "Led's do something new!" ends in bar you've never been in before...

You made my day :-D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Thank you for your contribution.
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Re: philosophy

Postby BobF » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:28 pm

Hello gang,
Ok, I am beginning to get it. Thanks very much for all your input . One thing I do want to make clear though is, I was NEVER mad (at the forum or anyone)! I love it here and everyone I have had contact with has helped me totally and any fsm's I have downloaded I have used with great enthusiasm or learned much from them. All I was doing was trying to spark some new ideas. Please NO hard feelings anyone.

Thanks , BobF.....
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