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Reaper 5

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Reaper 5

Postby tulamide » Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:37 pm

In the making for more than half a year now, I expect Reaper 5 to come soon. You can already install and test the beta(s). For me the highlights are:

(ReaScript is based on Python and now Lua, too, and enables you to write extensions for Reaper)
+ ReaScript: graphics/UI API (gfx*) extended, added support for Lua
+ ReaScript: integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
+ ReaScript: new IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch lists, structure matching, and more
+ ReaScript: support for running scripts within an integrated development environment (IDE)

(JSFX is compiled on the fly and enables you to write audio and midi effects, incl. vector based UI)
+ FX: support for parameters with inverted ranges
+ JS: sample-accurate automation support (individual FX can see the queue of scheduled automation changes while processing an audio buffer block)
+ JSFX: added support for slider minimums being greater than maximums
+ JSFX: editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, etc)

(Nothing to add here, I'd say)
+ VST3: added VST3 support
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