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Some things are just too strange

For anything not directly related to FlowStone

Some things are just too strange

Postby tulamide » Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:14 pm

Here's a new thing that claims to be a "Creative Hybrid Instrument".

If you watch the full 10 minutes of the overview, I'm sure you will agree that it is very strange. I can't see this as an instrument, it is more like a DAW, bound to one instrument. But for a DAW it lacks a lot of important features, whereas it is way too bloated to be a usable instrument in everyday work.

What do you think?
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Re: Some things are just too strange

Postby adamszabo » Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:19 pm

Yeah I agree. It is too complicated for an instrument it can almost be a DAW, but not enough to be a DAW. I would be lost trying to make sounds with it
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Re: Some things are just too strange

Postby Nubeat7 » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:46 am

yes Falcon is a great thing!
its more like a classical sampler like NI Kontakt which nearly does the same.. just that this one also has build in "analog oscs" ...

so all in all nothing new, altought it is very complex and offers a wide range of designing your own instruments, it is still just a multilayered instrument.
While a DAW normally is done to arrange different instruments or audiofiles and / or to compose complex melodies for Instruments (doesnt matter to use built in or 3rd partie instruments)..

i always see it like, the orchester would be a group of instruments or an multi-insttument like Falcon or Kontakt, and the Director would be the DAW

while this depends on the nature of the DAW, DAW has a very wide range of meaning, because there are DAW's which only arrange audiofiles, this would be only an audio arranger (and audiorecorder), on the otherside there exists DAW's which can just handle instuments (built in and / or 3rd partie) which would be a composer...
but one of the most important things a DAW offers is to export the whole project into an audiofile.
normally modern DAW's can do everything so they really are a "DIgital Audio Workstations"
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