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Robotic Terminator like cyborgs

For anything not directly related to FlowStone

Robotic Terminator like cyborgs

Postby CodyOebel » Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:21 pm

I had a dream.

Being an intelligent human I don't ever see reason for war except human-over population which is something we are facing, and will be a REAL problem in our SOON FUTURE ! Not that robots are going to execute human beings on their own accord and agenda; but a real problem where robots will be involved.

In my dream I had made a few things in flow stone, only to wake up and know that it sucked that I didn't make them lol. Along with this dream I also dreamed about all of our car manufacturing plants, and world war 1. How America kicked into over-drive and began mass producing war-time products\weapons. I thought of Nazi Germany, it's superiority of that time, and how a small country had potential enough to take over the entire world. All with just science, calculations on a chalk-board transpired into physical manifestations in efforts to kill human beings considered inferior. I witnessed how if you convince another human they are superior and can do superior to normal human being things. They will believe it, become it, and manifest their lives into it effectively being it; superior.

I feel any human race (I'm not 100% racist lol..yet) if influenced with love, strong supportive belief can become a wonder of mankind. Back to the dream and where it was going. Living in America I thought about the size of growing China, and how much like Russia, she is inflating economically, but also her human population is quite the disease.
Her knowledge of America, Europe, India, and NATO allies understands just one of the countries I listed is effective, efficient, and has evolved advanced technological growths; despite China's astonishing technological achievements.

In this dream, war came about as mother China grew to big and in her fall; desperation set in as her efforts for top of "globalization" collapsed quickly imploding in-ward. Economy shifts .. humans still procreate producing more and more humans and earth now is at it's weight. 1 acre of FENCED IN grass 1 pale of water and 1 sheep inside this fenced in acre. The sheep eats the grass and the acre only supports the sheep for 1 month of life and it then dies to famine. Put two sheep's in this same equation they live for half a month each before perishing to famine.
Replace the world with the 1acre, and the sheep with human beings, and the clock is ticking.

It is in my belief early 1940's the great minds of the time creating nuclear war-heads and nuclear physics on chalk boards also predicted human over-population. Agricultural science would levy America in favor as there is vast farm lands to be utilized as America is still early in it's cultural life-cycle. Now America sends tons of food exports to hungry countries feeding them in a forceful trade for oil and resources; even having her own vast supplies in Alaska and Texas she reaps other countries in trade; creating debt for power.

The world goes to WW3 in my dream. America then needs to figure out a way to create half a billion soldiers and another half a billion on stand-by if needed. How will they do this? America has about 350,000,000 total population. China's womens liberation army alone has more than all of America's entire population. America's military numbers are poor in comparison to many other countries, but America's poison stinger is it's technological advancements copied by many other countries, or America steals it. Whichever wins ! China starts obliterating most of it's opposition of weaker defensed countries and her first task is to slam dunk Russia for her vast Aqua supply (Being second largest in the globe from what I know). She cannot do it with nuclear warheads and no country can for that matter as earth will be decimated with the number of nukes and explosive store potential. Conventional warfare is the only way countries can fight one another, and using bombs like depleted uranium (God Fingers) which hits nearly as bad as nukes without the fall-out and turmoil afterwards. EMP bombs are nearly as bad due to social incognito in every average persons day to day life now becomes fight for survival. (More than likely Russia, China, Iran, North Korea) would all be joint operations with a goal to divvy up the spoils of war after they take over their enemies resources and geo-locations. War breaks out to a degree never seen before a world war like no other. Europe postures quickly in defense and so does every other NATO ally preparing for strikes.

In my dream America, and Europe have worked together in preparation for such level of war-fare. Every vehicle manufacturing plant from BMW - MERCEDES onto FORD and TOYOTA JEEP , GMC, CHRYSLER ... get the vehicle\auto manufacturing robotic arms removed. They install a DSP Robotics cyborg manufacturing systems ;). The car auto plants become combat robot mass production systems.They begin mass producing "PET MAN" parts, and other combat capable cyborg limbs, and bodies. The current microprocessors we "PUBLICALLY" get to view online when watching a "Tethered PET-MAN" is replaced with advanced top-grade military processors.. Pet man no longer thinks slowly, and no longer moves or responds slowly to it's surroundings, but responds to it's environment in a very human like fashion. Lets not forget the small things either. Small leaks sink big ships. We create a nano-robotics warfare production system. Mesquito like bots penetrate defenses and inject sleeping or toxifying agents into enemies in secured area's. Nano bugs become our Trojan horses per-say. Back to the bigger bots\cyborgs. During the manufacturing process the chassis is armored .. shooting our cyborgs with rifles and standard NATO 5.56\7.62rounds yields little deterance it will just keep coming at you in waves and arrays of droid armies as it kills and penetrates enemy forces. Chinese manufactures autonomous projects in response but they fail (They unfortunately have a reputation for high failure rate in much of their designs as they tend to copy techonology, not invent it).

America and Europe now have equaled numbers to Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea + Syria and other allies to this enemy hypothetical allied entity. Our human forces focus on creating more robots and the world of cyborg and drone warfare takes place. We win in the end in my dream.

While every country in NATO takes pride in winning the battle. Winning the war, and destroying China, crippling Russia, and evaporating Iran we win. We would surely have taken air-strikes where we live as this war is not like any other many lives are lost but there is a reason behind it all. Say we did win with our bots and mass produced droids.

What we all didn't realize is probably all of our top worlds leaders from Obama, to the Presidents of our enemy countries I speak of. Probably all met in a private room and had a talk and I imagined it going like this. (Remember this is PRIOR to all of the war).
"Obama to the other Presidents of the worlds powers -> "We have come to the point where humans are over-populating the world. Our efforts in the 60's with the top-secret development of AIDS and other cancers and GMO foods has not slown down over-population as effectively as we had hoped. We must "CULL" off humans and keep X-amount of population. We cannot use Nuclear strikes in this joint effort.

Moral of all this which I wrote?

If my idea to replace vehicle manufacturing autonomous systems that will create vast numbers of robots instead of civilian cars does not yet exist. This would be one hell of a good product idea to propose and manufacture for the NATO governments. (A product idea came from this dream is what I am saying).

One thing is true and inevitable: If we do not find another planet to migrate too. We will face a decision to mass genocide ourselves in nature of our future.

The clock is ticking !

I hope you enjoyed reading my dream you have now seen inside my mind as your imagination manifested my story and included you into the scenario. So again, thanks for reading!
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