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Finally did the FS v:3.06 update

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Finally did the FS v:3.06 update

Postby RJHollins » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:51 am

Having put off the update of FS from v3.04 ... and noticing that many example schematics posted would sometimes
have a RUBY error message. To be expected when running an older version.

Other than that, 3.04 was running pretty good.

Re-reading the Version History, I noticed bug fixes to a couple things I was having [i think].

Spogg supplied me a REG edit that allows 'switching' versions with dual installs. So I went for it.

v:3.06 does seem to be snappier ... but I'm finding an issue with several of my old projects with RUBY.

I load in the old project ... track down the RUBY error box, and find a similar error message showing up:

NoMethodError: undefined method 'xxx' for "" String [for example].

The weird part ? I've a habit of leaving a RUBY box inside a module that was either an example or a testing I was doing. BUT ... they are not actually tied into the schematic ... just sittin' there doing nuthing.
I tried turning OFF the Ruby box ... but that doesn't seem to matter ... the module will still lite up with the Red dotted outline. So ... I delete the unused Ruby.

Other times, it seems I have to Re-Initialize a line of Ruby code. I REM it [#], then un-# and the error message is gone ... then all good.

So the question be ... have you guys had similar experience like this ?? If so ... is there a better/faster way to get RUBY straightened out ?

Any insight, suggestions, shared sympathies would be welcomed.

Thanks !

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