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A Strange Event (Issue Solved).

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A Strange Event (Issue Solved).

Postby tiffy » Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:31 pm

A schematic would work 100% in the Flowstone Editor but when I export the specific schematic it does not function correctly anymore. I am currently using Windows 10 home and Flowstone v3.0.8.1 on my laptop.

Even more strange is that the same problem with that same schematic does not arise on my desktop with Windows 10 Professional.

Problem is as follows:

The audio MP3 files in the queue of an MP3 Player all play correctly up to the very last one, but when the very last one has finished playing (but do not 'kick' over, although the trigger for this purpose is there and do function), the exported *.exe file 'hung' in Windows 10 Home while the problem does not arise at all in the Flowstone Editor.

Any ideas why this could happen?


In Microsoft Windows 10 Home (however, this does not occur with Windows 10 Professional) the Player would lock-up after playing the very last song in the Queue.

To prevent this issue I run the Player in Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility mode.
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