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VST3 VS. MIDI Pitch Bend

For general discussion related FlowStone

VST3 VS. MIDI Pitch Bend

Postby JWP » Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:46 am

In relation to my previous thread:
DSP Robotics Support Forum: How Can I Split MIDI Channels

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I understand Flowstone with VST3 is under development, so the following statements are just my observations, and are meant to interpreted objectively. My experience with SynthEdit leaves me with the mindset to find something that works and just run as hard and as far as I can with it (ignore limitations).
Flowstone seems to lack some VST3 extensions, in this case, linking to alternative MIDI messages like pitch bend. It seems that with VST3 these messages are treated differently and have to be "assigned" like a MIDI cc.
I dare not continue to elaborate on something I know little about. I'll wait for feedback, assuming it's warranted.

I was hitting barriers with the MIDI pitch bend data not making it to its defined parameters. I finally got a chance to go in and put it under the microscope.

The VST3 was only able to "read" the MIDI pitch bend messages after I linked the parameters to the "auto-detect" link creator in FL Studio, so that meant I had to do that every time I brought in the VST3 (6 links). I want something that's ready to go after I set up the rig.

I fought with it for a while, trying to find a decent internal MIDI message monitor to see if the MIDI pitch bend messages were making it into the VST3.
The "Edit Box" doesn't seem to give MIDI read-out and re-purposing the "Label" didn't work. I needed something "live" in the VST3 that would tell me what's happening inside.

I decided to try SynthEdit's MIDI monitor as a 64bit VST3, after building it I remembered that SynthEdit 64bit doesn't have MIDI channels. Then after building a 32bit VST2, it hit me, the problem is the way VST3 handles MIDI; I didn't even need to use SynthEdit's MIDI monitor.

I rebuilt the Flowstone project in 64bit VST2, and the parameters respond as expected to MIDI pitch bend without having to do any host linking. Although, I have to turn on port routing to catch the MIDI pitch bend messages and highlight the channel to record the note data, it works as well as it can.

I'm not sure what I lose to go with 64bit VST2, I have a moderate understanding between the differences to VST3. The "Resize" example that Lalalandsynth was kind enough to share here:
DSP Robotics Support Forum: General Functionality Questions
still works, so that's a tally in the "pros" under VST2. I have the suspicion I'll be bumping into the VST2 vs. VST3 paradigm again though.
Until then, I'm building a VST2 64bit for the convenience of having MIDI pitch bend automatically routed to where it needs to go.

Extra Info:
The reason they're is such a big gap between threads is I only have 1 day out of a 8 day cycle for development. I was doubling down on my guitar day, I've since decided to dedicate that back to practice.
Plus a job, which only gives around an hour to poke at Flowstone on the development day; today is a day off of my job on a development day. :D
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