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copperOdy synth update

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copperOdy synth update

Postby k brown » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:28 pm

Additional features and a few tweaks to my copperOdy synth (~ARP Odyssey re-imaged with a custom brushed copper panel and added functions that reflect many of the popular mods that are done to the hardware Odyssey).

copperOdy II.fsm
(4.88 MiB) Downloaded 321 times

copperOdy-II-650w.jpg (60.7 KiB) Viewed 2937 times

Features from the original copperOdy that the hardware Odyssey didn't have:
- The VCOs' coarse freq controls can toggle to semitone-stepped.
- Each VCO has a -1 octave Sub Oscillator that can be Sine or Square.
- LFO has two additional speed ranges - x 0.1 and x 10.
- LFO has adjustable waveforms - Tri morphs to Saw or Ramp, Square to adjustable Pulse (pos or neg).
- Low Pass filter switchable 2-pole or 4-pole.
- Adjustable filter feedback.
- Separate Velocity control over EGs assigned to VCF and VCA.
- A dedicated sine LFO for Vibrato (through mod wheel) - 'disguised' as the Odyssey's Proportional Pitch controls.

Added for copperOdy II:
- VCOs' waveform output switches replaced with knobs that cross fade Saw thru Peak to Sine, and Pulse through Tri to Sine.
- LFO's waveform control replaced with separate controls for Square and Tri outputs.
- Most importantly, the lower switch positions of the modulation input selectors are now drop-downs to select any of the available mod sources. These switch positions are labeled red as a reminder, and turn yellow when changed from the default sources.
- Noise gen replaced with Martin's proper white and pink sources.

Here's a track made with just copperOdy II's predecessor, copperOdy_os, by someone calling themselves 'Freep Lugins' :
Freep Lugins copperOdy-os
(3.87 MiB) Downloaded 284 times
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k brown
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Re: copperOdy synth update

Postby DigiTonix » Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:27 am

hi mr.Brown!, it looks awesome ... before you only sent OSM, I seem to have been away for a long time ...
Thanks, I will test it now. :D
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Re: copperOdy synth update

Postby » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:08 pm

The synth looks great I'll look inside, thanks :)
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