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62Hz and under click removal.

DSP related issues, mathematics, processing and techniques

62Hz and under click removal.

Postby » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:40 pm

Hi all, I was working with alternatives to using the de-zipper. It comes down to the LP dezip method sounding the cleanest yet a bit un-natural, and the older methods of dezipping using the incremented timers probably the nicest - but I mean for speed there's nothing better than the newest de-zippers.

So to that end I was working on a 10 band equalizer. While I was finishing up work I had done on co-efficients I was wanting to remove the
crackle noise I was hearing when I manipulated the low end (62 Hz and downwards) so I came up with this method.
click removal.jpg
62Hz click removal
click removal.jpg (103.05 KiB) Viewed 3731 times

And what it uses is the following:
two identical co-efficient assemblers and dsp coded splitters (code in the image).
I don't really intend to make many tuts or what not; But I was very thankful for all of the help I was given with math
and with coding especially by:

Spogg, Martin Vicanek, Loopeytunes, Myco, Tiff, Tulamide, Exonerate, Bootsy, Cytosonic, Trogg, Rocko (love some of Your examples btw), Wassaka, BobF, KG_Is_Back, Dozius, Nix, Walter Sumerfield, Nubeat7, AdamSzabo, RJHollins, DJBrynte, KBrown, RocknRollCat, Youlean, Digitonix and Tester

I'd also like to mention Art Vandalay Who's made code fixes which inexplicably work when other similar examples do not. Thanks to all of You.
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