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Trying to read battery voltage from ADS1115 to Raspberry Pi

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Trying to read battery voltage from ADS1115 to Raspberry Pi

Postby albertalley » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:15 pm

Hello guys,

I have a solar powered Raspberry Pi setup and I am attempting to read the battery voltage from the battery to the Raspberry Pi. I am told that I should be able to accomplish this with an ADC. Unfortunately I have very little understanding of electronics and wiring so I am hoping to get a few pointers.

The main question I have is exactly where in my setup the ADC will fit. At the moment I have the following:
- 3.7V battery connected via 2-pin JST-PH to the USB / DC charger.
- USB / DC solar charger connected via 2-pin JST-PH to PowerBoost 500.
- PowerBoost 500 is powering the Pi via USB cable.

So I am unsure of exactly where the ADC should fit into this setup. Would the ADC need to be wired to the battery, the Pi, and the charger? Would the ADC be between the battery and the charger, and then grounded to the Pi? Or is there perhaps an output from either the solar charger or the PowerBoost that I could connect to the ADC to get the battery input?

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Re: Trying to read battery voltage from ADS1115 to Raspberry

Postby nix » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:41 pm

You could read voltage with a multi-meter,
but not log it and automate actions.

FS doesn't run on R Pi,
but PureData does

IMO, it is some sort of ADC you need,
check what sort of header pins the R Pi has,
to see what to connect it to.
Be a little careful with wattage out of range.

Like I say, a multi-meter will tell you voltage,
but AFAIK you shouldn't try to read amperes from a battery

edit- an ADC will be between the analog charge and a digital processor,
and convert it to digital data. It is possible that the R Pi can act as your ADC,
with a direct connection to a header pair.
The typical Analog-Digital Converter we are familiar with on this forum is a soundcard,
which receives AC at up to 1v roughly AFAIK
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