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Quantum computing is a reality!

For general discussion related FlowStone

Re: Quantum computing is a reality!

Postby adamszabo » Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:06 am

MichaelBenjamin wrote:speed of new technology has been too fast.

Says who? Its just your own opinion. I on the other hand think technology is too slow. Remember Back to the Future II when we were promised a floating hoverboard in 2015? Well that never happened :lol:
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Re: Quantum computing is a reality!

Postby MichaelBenjamin » Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:41 pm

It is of course an opinion, but stems out of an observation.
Never before humans needed to deal with this kind of rapid development before, where you could say that 2-3 generations before were basically born in middle age tech.

Since new tech is new tools, tools need to be explored and learned throughout to master them, the more complicated the tool, the more time is needed for a human to master it.
Mastery gets harder and harder, the faster tech changes and the more complicated it gets (look at all the JS library mess for react and npm for example).
Tool mastery is too important to just throw away and to instead just more and more skipping the surface before the "next big tech of the day" is announced is a worse path.
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Re: Quantum computing is a reality!

Postby Spogg » Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:16 am

I think that’s a well-argued point Michael, but what are we to do about it?
The tech train is unstoppable and many of us like that, but I sense you feel a bit overwhelmed.

One thing we can do is take a tech that we like, and discipline ourselves to explore the shit out of it.


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Re: Quantum computing is a reality!

Postby MichaelBenjamin » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:30 pm

i dont really know what to do about it, since win10 gives me no real improvements over XP other than being a pain in the ass - if i boot up winxp in virtualbox, it is superslick and fast and basically handles all the stuff i expect from an operating system.
windows 10 wants to be my new business daddy i have the impression i guess, with its own store, its own mind, and cluttered ways to reinvent everything that has worked before into app/mobile style dumbed down to ape-mode kind of, where i cannot see progression, just regression.

"take tech that you like"
is not that easy if workplace demands certain (regressive) environment

and yes i feel that it is going too fast and at the same time being overwhelmed by it.
the computer stuff and all implications are all done way too fast is my impression.

Synthmaker has been (AND IS) a supercool program for learning and quickly visualising some things.
i bought the license in 2007 and still can install it on a new win10 sys no prob.
!!!top program, free-to-install-when-you-want, delivered in a 10mb zip!!!
for me the flowstone license model does not cut it however.

something to do about it?
best thing atm might be just to not forget and dismiss "old" tech in first place
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Re: Quantum computing is a reality!

Postby Phil Thalasso » Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:07 pm

Hello all,

I'm not sure that my opinion is needed here, but I basically agre with everybody.
Progress should never be hemmed, so that first step is one into the right direction.
Of course I can see Trogluddite's point as well. The people who are NOW able to use
that technology, will probably not use it for our best interest, if that were a free
and liberal society.
Since 9-11 we have seen drastic cut-backs in civil-rights in the western hemisphere.
Stateside it is as bad as in Europe and vice versa. I do not believe that the Deep State
ist just a political slogan; it does exist.
I'm also with MichaelBenjamin's arguments, that technology is progressing at too fast
a pace to keep up with it. I see this development very critical, especially with regard
to children. But that is the parent's realm of influence, not google's. Quantum computing
will not worsen he siuation.
Bottom-line is, that I'm glad I live in our das and do look forward to what is down the
technological line. Maybe I'll have a holographic 3D VSTi in 20 years, that would be cool.

You all have a good week-end
Best regards
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Phil Thalasso
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